Best of 2013 – The Other Side Staff Speak.

No-one can deny that 2013 has been a very long year; but, one thing that has kept us safe inside insanity is all the good music we’ve been pumping through the stereo.  Before the year comes to a close, The Other Side Reviews writing team has decided to give their two pennies worth and let you know what they feel was the best of 2013.  With that being said may I present, the best album of 2013 from The Other Side Review writers Steph Clifton, Jason Mkyl Snyman, Christie Inman-Hall and Marie-Claire De Villiers…oh yes, and myself – Nicole Mendes.

stephSteph’s album of 2013 is:
Common Courtesy by ADTR, because it encompasses everything music should be about.  It’s a bit rough, but it personifies each member of the band and shows that sometimes record companies aren’t right.  Each song on the album is special in its own right, it is ADTR’s best album and it is the most heartfelt album I have heard in a long time.  It is my favourite of this year…even over my favourite band’s new album.


christieChristie’s album of 2013 is:
Katmen Cometh by The Katmen – a deliriously fun slice of rockabilly madness from rockabilly super trio The Katmen; made up of Imelda May’s guitarist (and husband) Darrel Higham, bass player Al Gare and ex-Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom on drums.  The second outing for the group, this album is packed to the rafters with raw, authentic rock and roll.  Favourite track: ‘We Need Elvis Back’.


jasonJason’s album of 2013 is:
Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2, because it delivers everything it should with zero disappointments.  It goes back to his best work.




marie claireMarie-Claire’s album of 2013 is:
CHVRCHES – The Bones of What You Believe.  Because it is beautifully harmonic, lyrical and emotive but still deep groove electro. Because her voice is beautiful.  Because it is entirely original – no, it’s not like The Knife – its sweeter, more listenable and song-like. Because its got some delicious bass in there for the dancing ones of us.  Because there is a lot happening instrumentally – there is thought and musicianship. DONE

oxjam2010Nicole’s album of 2013 is:
This Is How To Learned To Stop Giving A Shit And Love Mindless Self Indulgence by Mindless Self Indulgence.  This choice isn’t based on my love for the band, but by the raw honesty of the album.  Just like other Mindless albums, the foursome scream the shit out topics like addiction, depression, suicide, sex – it’s really shocking they allow children to listen to this stuff.  However, as controversial as this band (and this album) may be, behind the fucks and shits is a hidden promotion of empowerment.  In fact, the title of this album is a movement from worrying about the pointless crap and focusing on music to make it through the day.  My favourite song is Witness and it’s probably because I like screaming along to the first lines: “Son of a bitch/God likes me/I am the best/ Fuck everybody else.” – how can that not be empowering and soul-freeing?

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