Track of the Day: The Arthurs – Red Letter Days

The Arthurs is an alternative/indie-rock band from The Netherlands. Formed by the singer/songwriter Robin den Drijver, the band stands out as one of the most unique Dutch group in the 2010s. They released their debut album When I’m Sane in 2017 with two more singles in 2019 and 2020 – ‘Leave This Town’ and ‘Red Letter Days’ respectively. As of 2020, the lineup includes lead guitarist Dylano Hahury, bassist Jelled de Wit and drummer Blonk.

“A unique indie rock band, different from others, that grabbed our attention to the stage immediately” – Jitters Blog Westerpop Festival review

Our track of the day is The Arthurs, ‘Red Letter Days’. It is a collaboration between the band and Dutch actress Kiki van Deursen. The track is an interesting combination of slower indie-rock hit with classic guitar riffs and an effortless vocal from den Drijver. Something for the end of the day to relieve the frustrations of the day. It’s going on my calming playlist.

Find out more about The Arthurs at their Facebook, official website, YouTube and Instagram.

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