Betty Moon – Little Miss Hollywood (2020)

If you have been tracking the metamorphosis of Betty Moon since the 90s, her latest album Little Miss Hollywood is not to be missed. Even if you have never heard of her before, this album is the perfect introduction. The 10-track collection offers a little bit of everything she is known for. There are songs that bring back her old-school straight-up rock and others that take the tempo down for some soul-infusions.

You can also get a blast of her refreshing pop and electronic sensibilities highlighted in her 2019 release. Drawing on a range of influences from rock to punk to electronic-pop, Betty Moon electrifies you with a bold energy. Little Miss Hollywood is a testament to her versatility and musical prowess.

The album starts with the title track ‘Little Miss Hollywood’ which is full of the electronic pop sound she showcased last year. There is an undulating synth base to the song that creates the melodic layer over the beat. This gives way to a driving deeper electronic sound while her vocals rise above it all. You can’t help but get dragged along with the vocals, particularly when she goes high for the chorus.

‘Did It For Nothing’ brings the tempo down after the paced opening. While the pace is slowed down, there is still this driving synth beat lurking beneath her vocals. Betty Moon’s vocals on this song have a more soulful vibe to it. There is a flowing nature to her performance while she punches the lyrics and message of the track home. This is a very infectious song that you can easily get lost in and listen to again and again.

The slower pace continues on ‘Your Dirty Love’. There is something sultry and sensual about this song from the melody to her vocals. During the verses, the minimal melody made up only of the shuffling drums highlights her vocals and the overall vibe of the track. The chorus is super catchy and you will find it stuck in your head for a long time after you listen to the song.

The deep beat of the synths at the start of ‘How Do You Like Me Now’ pulses through your skull. This leads to these rock guitars that hook you and drag you into the song. This song has a rockier vibe to it highlighted by the driving guitars. The vocals have this hazy feeling to them like they are hovering above your head. This combines wonderfully with the full-on melody.

‘Don’t Stop Now’ is a throw-back to Betty Moon’s older music. The opening guitar riff is all soft-rock and it is wonderful on the ears. There is an interesting vibe to this track as it flows between energetic guitar lines and hauntingly light vocals. This is one of the really fun songs on the album that combines what older fans enjoy with the elements that draw newer fans.

Betty Moon

The next track is ‘Monsters in My Head’ which continues the old-school tones. Betty Moon’s vocals hit you from the first moment and draw you into the lyrics. There is this infectious melody to the song that gets you moving to the beat. You really can’t help yourself as the deep beat make your shoulders bounce as the electronic elements zip past your head. If you don’t sing along to the chorus, you are going to clapping to the beat instead.

‘The Liar’ hits you with these deep synths that are all electronic pop. They pulsate against your ears while the lighter synths tones creep around behind them. Her vocals create this lighter layer to the pulsing and offer a smooth melody to slide along. However, her vocals are not missed as they get a boost of electronic tones to them. While carrying a pop beat, this song is actually one of the slower tempo tracks and has a very interesting vibe to it.

The clapping beats of ‘All He Is’ grab your attention before smooth vocals enter. There is something sultry to the vocals as they slip against your ears. They weave into the melodic tapestry created by the opening beats in an interesting way. If you were to hear them in isolation, you would not think they work together, but they actually blend perfectly.

The bird song and progressive opening of ‘Find A Love’ help to get you into the vibe of this track. There is something light and happy about this song. The harmonisations float above you as the opening beats create this fun foundation of foot-tapping notes. The synth notes have this contagious dance vibe to them. This song seems to float against you while driving you to the beat at the same time.

The album ends with ‘Take Me Downtown’ which hits you with Betty Moon’s vocals from the first second. She draws you into the lyrics which are fast-paced and soaring at the same time. This is potentially the best song on the album as it grips you and takes you on a sonic journey. You have these great beats, unforgettable vocals, electronic tones hovering in the background and guitar notes that sneak up on you.

Betty Moon presents you with a smorgasbord of her captivating sound in Little Miss Hollywood. The 10-track album covers everything she has to offer from old-school rock to soulful downtempo songs to electronic-pop blasts. Fans new and old will find something to love on the album.

Find out more about Betty Moon on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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