Hotel – Loose Change (2020)

A lot of us are constantly looking for something more than what we have. This eternal search is the subject of ‘Loose Change’, the debut single from Hotel. In this track, he considers how this search actually holds us back from appreciating what we already have. Filled with anger toward the society that creates the need to look for more, he encourages us to live in the moment and stop worrying about the future.

The crunchy guitars and new wave sounds of the track come from Andrew Tudehope, the man behind the moniker. With the collaborative help of some childhood friends and hip-hop artists, he brings together eclectic influences for an opening splash onto the music scene.

‘Loose Change’ opens with a textured melodic line of rolling beats and fun guitars. These layers are joined by lighthearted new wave synths. The music makes your feet tap to it while your shoulders bounce to the beats. The single has a rich soundscape that draws on a range of styles for an engaging listening experience. Multi-layered, the melody creates an interesting sonic space that you get lost in as the lights of the melodic elements flash past you. Later in the track, the guitars come into their own for a party.

Hotel’s vocals add to the fun vibes of the music. The bouncing flow of his performance complements the melody that bounds through your senses. The higher backing vocals add a hazy touch while bolstering the fun factor. The smooth rap vocals that come in later inject a little seriousness to the song while questioning society. As you get down to the fun vibes, the lyrics are deeper than they first seem as they question the establishment and need to constantly get more money.

Hotel considers the eternal search for something more and how this affects our lives in the infectiously fun vibes of ‘Loose Change’. The melody bounces through your body to get it moving while his vocals bolster the bounding energy. The collaborative efforts of his friends through rap vocals and production add an eclectic mix of influences that make the single a pleasure to listen to.

Find out more about Hotel on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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