Bianca Aristia – Only Wanted You (2021)

The modern R&B/soul field is quite a crowded place these days. Artists come and go, quite a few of them without even a chance to make any kind of a splash with the huge audience for this kind of music. The question then is: why can’t so many artists make it? The problem is that many don’t have the capabilities to grasp the fact that just doing the right moves will not do it. You have to have that feel and sense it, even a single song in the manner that will actually catch the ear of an audience. With modern R&B/soul, the trick probably lies in recalling all the right R&B/soul sounds of yesteryear and giving it that modern touch that will actually attract wider audiences. That is exactly where R&B singer-songwriter Bianca Aristia comes in with her latest single ‘Only Wanted You’.

On the surface, it is an old-fashioned ballad given the touches of modern production, in this case, produced/mixed/mastered by RE:MIND. Yet it really works due to quite a few key factors. The first is that Aristia has both the songwriting and singing talent as two essential elements for such a song to lift off the ground. Secondly, Aristia and RE:MIND show here that they know R&B/soul stuff thoroughly. They start with that oh so effective Rhodes electric piano sound and add just enough modern electronic touches that beef up the sound without obstructing the melody or Aristia’s vocals. It all creates that dreamy, late-night sound that works even with the sun shining outside.

Lyrically, the song again recalls the path many soul singers have taken telling a love story gone wrong. The outcome this time is that any person deserves better than being a safety bench for someone, who won’t commit. All this makes ‘Only Wanted You’ an old-fashioned soul ballad updated for modern times that really works.

For more from Bianca Aristia check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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