My Friend the Chimpanzee – Time Traveller (2021)

Inspired by ‘The Time Machine’ by HG Wells, My Friend the Chimpanzee ties the need for constant motion with erratic evolution. With a touch of Hegel’s theory of historical finality, the band combines literary inspiration with their own thoughts on the matter. While the single delves into a relatively deep theme, there is a lightness to the musical tones that instantly engage you and get you eager for more.

This delve into rather deep themes comes from Josef Umschaid (fx, drums) and Lukas Wieser (guitar, bass, synths, vocals). The duo has been friends for years and got together in Umschaid’s studio to record their music. Not only does this single dive into the human experience and the contrasts of life, but it also offers a taste of their full album.

The humming vocals that open ‘Time Traveller’ have you falling into the rhythm and flow of the single. After the opening vocal line, you are pulled into contemplation through the lyrics. There is a feeling of searching for something bigger than ourselves in the vocals, but this is tempered with a very grounded feeling. This twirls into a sense of awe over the achievements we have reached as a species before the twirl of leaves that is the chorus. As you float on the currents of vocal waves on the chorus, you will feel a smile tugging at the corners of your lips. The duo has packed a lot into the lyrics of this track that really gets you thinking while thoroughly enjoying the musical journey.

While the vocals draw you in with their humming, there is a light tone resting beneath them. This slides into the rolling beats that add a gentle texture to the single. The beats have an electronic edge to them that paves a path for the lyrics to lead you down. It is a beautiful merger of vocals and melody that enhances the message of the track while getting you lost in the sound.

My Friend the Chimpanzee bring thought-provoking themes and lyrics to a deeply engaging melody in the captivating ‘Time Traveller’. The vocals draw you into the track and get you thinking about the lyrics from the first moment. As they swirl with thoughts and emotions, the melody creates the path that they lead you down.

Find out more about My Friend the Chimpanzee on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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