Big Mountain County – What? (2021)

Big Mountain County are packing a lot into their single ‘What?’. With a melody that pushes at the boundaries of their sound and lyrics centred on a close person who can easily turn unbearable, the single is a yell of release. Taking the band’s roots in rock, they enhance their sound with groovy bass and raw yet edgy vocals as they unleash a cry of anger against any predicament and encapsulate the release we all need sometimes.

This push against the boundaries is the result of the last few months that the band spent focusing on their creative process. Since their tour of Europe and the USA was cut short by the pandemic, the band has had the time to fine-tune their sound and recording process to exit the pandemic with an explosive sound. Capturing nuances of life and turning it into a pulse of aggression and the will to overcome, they provide the outlet we all need.

From the first moment, the drums that open ‘What?’ pound into your chest. You can feel the attitude of the track through the pulsing tones of the drums and the thrumming vibration of the guitars. The synths smirk against the rock tones for a wonderfully playful counterpoint. As the attitude of the song pushes against you, it does nothing to detract from the raw and edgy vibes of the lower levels. While raw, the melodic arrangement offers a rock elegance that is amazingly refined.

While the melody hits you with some of the attitude of the single, it is the vocals that give it a punk-rock punch. The lyrics dive into a personal relationship with someone you care about but can easily turn into someone that vexes you. Deeper in the vocals is a more general push against everything that annoys you. The vocal performance is really engaging as it details these layers while making you want to shout out with them. Through the chorus, you are given a release for any pent-up frustration and aggression. Every part of the song comes tougher to offer you a release while saying exactly what you wish you could.

Big Mountain County creates an outlet for anger and frustration through the punk-rock tones of ‘What?’. The melody is a steady march through the situations and experiences that cause annoyance and frustration. The vocals provide the release you need as they call for you to shout out with them.

Find out more about Big Mountain County on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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