WAMI – Life Is Good (2020)

There are times when it feels like nothing will make you feel good again. At times like this, you need music that lifts your spirits like ‘Life is Good’ by WAMI. This electronic pop single has been carefully crafted to pick you up and spread good vibes throughout your body and soul. If you are in need of an emotional boost, this is the single for you.

The emotional pick up comes from Lorenzo (keyboards) and Federico (synths) featuring Julia Shuren on vocals. The idea for the single came from Shuren with WAMI becoming immediately enthusiastic about it. Looking to bring hope and happiness, the single helps you shed the negativity that clings to you.

‘Life is Good’ hums to a gentle life that has you relaxing from the first second. Shuren’s voice is like warm rays of light on your skin as her performance fills you with warmth. There is a soulful flow to her performance that has you feeling at ease and that bad things can’t get to you. The easy vibe of her performance lets the lyrics wash over you as they acknowledge challenges will come but fill you with the sense that you can face them head-on. Through the lyrics and her performance, you feel an appreciation of the good around you and a sense of good vibrations.

This feeling is enhanced by the easy melody that is packed with good vibes. The opening is simple and light as it wraps around the vocals. This turns into a smooth drive as the beats come and synths zip past you. Together they form a river of relaxing music that you float down. The lighter twinkling notes add glittering light to the music like the sun streaming through the leaves on trees.

WAMI and Julia Shuren fill you with good vibes as you relax into the flowing soundscape of ‘Life is Good’. Shuren’s vocals are a powerful yet relaxing flow that washes over you and fills a balloon of good vibes in your chest. This sensation is enhanced by the melody that is full of laid-back vibes and warmth.

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