Big Mountain County – Where Are You? (2022)

Big Mountain County moves listeners through memories and uncertain future possibilities in ‘Where Are You?’. While pulsing with both past and future, the single calls out to someone or something that you want to hold onto and never lose. Packed with the desire to hold on despite the hard times, the track fills you with the drive to never give up regardless of what you are facing.

Using a synth pulse over heavy alternative rock tones, the pushing sound of the single perfectly captures what the band is all about. Alessandro Montemagno (vocals, guitar), Francesco Conte (guitar, synths), Wolfman Bob (bass, maracas) and Bruno Mirabella (drums) have been hard at work moulding their sound since they earned international acclaim in 2016. While a force to be reckoned with on the live stage, their studio sound is as captivating and full-on making their music a pleasure to listen to.

The drums and bass that fills the opening of ‘Where Are You?’ have you bopping away to the rhythm before you know what has happened. There is a light touch of psychedelia that warbles its way into the melody as the guitars make an appearance. The leading twang of the music warbles over the beats before tossing you into the rocking vibes that come later. While the melody gets you rocking out, the warbling synths and psychedelic dusting soften the movement. This does nothing to lessen the addictive quality of the sound, in fact, it seems to heighten the listening experience. Later in the single, there is a futuristic pulse of electronic tones that brings a new wave of feeling to the soundscape.

The psychedelic touch of the melody dusts the vocal performance as it wavers and echoes through your ears. There is an almost intangible feeling to the performance as if it were shards of coloured light that weave through your fingers. The vocal performance adds a touch of post-punk to the track which further develops the sound of the band. It is a great performance that has your mind reaching out into the future while carrying the weight of the past. The easy flow of the vocals meets the melody perfectly to get you swaying to the rhythm.

Big Mountain County has you rocking out to ‘Where Are You?’ which is softened by the touch of psychedelia and easy vocals. The melody has an almost dreamy quality to it as the instruments twang and weave through the soundscape. The vocals pick up the psychedelic edge of the music while reaching into the future.

Find out more about Big Mountain County on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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