SABRINA – Friends (2022)

SABRINA had us filled to the brim with confidence through the bold tones of ‘Drive’ after making us consider messy relationships in ‘Falling’. She is now strapping us into the emotional rollercoaster of ‘Friends’. Through the single, she dives into the ups and downs of friendships from being let down to having the time of your lives together.

As she twists through the ebb and flow of relationships, she brings an understanding of how these movements affect people and thoughts on whether the friendship is worth it. With moving alternative pop sounds and a light dusting of soul, she has us appreciating the friendships we have even when they go through low periods. The lush sounds of the single also remind us why SABRINA is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

‘Friends’ plucks into your ears with a soft and gentle tone. The light movement of the opening melody has a slightly distant feeling like it is coming to your ears from a distance or through walls. The shuffle of the beats brings the lows of friendship to the soundscape while those initial light notes are all the good times. The crackle of static is an interesting addition along with the chattering notes that make an appearance against the warp of background tones. It is an interesting melody that is both light and heavy while swirling with the lightest touch of dance. Through all of this movement, there is a tender vulnerability to the music which enhances the vocals.

From the first word of her vocal performance, SABRINA brings the vulnerability of the melody to life. The lyrics detail the lows of a friendship from a lack of calls to the person never arriving when you make plans. This twirls into the emotions these experiences bring up from sadness to the melancholic sense that you don’t need the person. While the single does touch on both the highs and lows of a friendship, the vocal delivery is drenched in the insecurity and sadness the low moments bring. At times, her vocals are a whisper against the shuffle of the melody which increases the emotive power of her words.

SABRINA brings the emotional highs and lows of friendship through the soft and tender tones of ‘Friends’. The melody is a soft touch against your ears that balances the emotional highs and lows through the musical layers. Her vocals are a vulnerable whisper as she works through her emotions and thoughts of whether the friendship is worth everything she is going through.

Find out more about SABRINA on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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