Bite the Boxer – A Steam Becomes a River (2021)

Bite the Boxer is marking a change in their evolving sound with their EP A Stream Becomes a River. While continuing his genre-defying sound, he challenges what we know of his music and takes a step forward for a rewarding listening experience. Combining his own experience with feedback from listeners and Twitch viewers, he has created 4 tracks that connect with listeners.

Each track started life on Twitch as part of a writing and composing live stream that brought them from nothing to almost finish. The polishing off of the tracks was done in private and draws on the experience and skills of Bite the Boxer. A musical project started in 2020, it is one that brings together synth-wave, ambient, trip-hop, post-punk and much more for the most engaging experience.

‘Kohaku’ opens the EP with an attention-grabbing beat that echoes through your brain. The ambient waves of sound that cover it bring a sense of peace and ease that you are able to float along with. Through the soundscape, there is an interesting combination of styles and tones that twirl and swirl around you. The lightness of the ambient tones is disrupted by something a little dark reaching out of the depths. The crash of sound in the low levels adds texture to the otherwise peaceful sound before you drop for a heartbeat moment. This is an encompassing way to open the EP and really gets you locked in to the sound and eager to see what the rest of the EP has to offer.

The beats that open ‘Underwater’ are lighter and more wavering than the opening track. The floating tones of the melody are like the glittering of light under water. The female vocals are ethereal as they call to you through a haze of cerulean waves. The gentle touch of this track has you resting back into the softness of the soundscape and wanting to close your eyes to take it all in. Each element of the track is a light touch to your skin that leaves you wanting more and feeling calmer than ever. Even when the slightly cheeky tones make an appearance later in the track, they are unable to chase the peaceful flows away.

‘Time Stands Still’ brings a slightly ominous feeling to the soundscape with the deep vibrations of the opening. There is a yawning feeling to the sound as it reaches through you and out into the ether with a searching hand. The layering of synths and electronic elements enhances this feeling while the otherworldly vocals send chills through you. As the vocals call out over the soundscape, they are like the sun breaking through dark storm clouds. This brings a strange sense of intensity to the soundscape while also soothing something in you. These feelings give way to that ominous vibe once the vocals drop.

The EP comes to an end with the beat and clicks of ‘Summer of Everything’. There is a more organic feeling to the opening of this track that is enhanced by the vocals that offer a dream pop edge to the soundscape. The electronic elements slide into the melody with unbelievable ease and mix with the organic elements perfectly. There is a fusion of sound in this track that is wonderful to listen to while the lyrics reach into your chest and tug at your emotions.

Bite the Boxer fills your sense with ambient sounds, synth waves and ethereal vocals through the 4 tracks of A Stream Becomes a River. Each track has a different feeling highlighting the power of his musicality and versatility. Through the tracks, you fall into an easy state that allows you to really appreciate each element in them.

Find out more about Bite the Boxer on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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