MonkeyRat ft Anna Sofia Skoradal – The Child (2022)

We are all born with an inner child and many of us lose connection with the inner child as we age, but some people lose the connection long before their time. MonkeyRat with the help of vocalist Anna Sofia Skoradal delve into losing the connection with your inner child or seeing this happen to someone else in ‘The Child’. The single started as a poem written by the band’s vocalist and songwriter, Anna Iachino, when her dreams of becoming a dancer were destroyed due to culture and religion.

The poem found new life when Arnold Ludvig (composer, bass) found it and crafted the melody of this single for it. Playing all the instruments on Ableton Live, he has created a single that is touching and emotive. Adding Skoradal’s vocals changed the entire feeling of the single and has taken it to new heights.

‘The Child’ sweeps you up in a soft rush of an electronic current that leads you into the stark beat. The beat is softened as the almost ambient tones of the hazy mist in the higher levels of the melody wind their way through the melody. The fully electronic melody is interesting because it has a very organic feeling that twangs and mists over your senses. There is an almost stripped-back feeling to the melody that allows Skoradal’s vocals to really shine. Adding depth to the soundscape, the light shuffle rubs against the skin on the back of your neck before the horns make their way in. There is an easy vibe to the music that has you floating on the movement, while the messaging and emotion of the vocals sink into your soul.

Skoradal’s vocals enter like a whisper on the wind, drifting past your ear and grabbing your attention. The lyrics carry the poetry of the origin of the single, but it is her performance that reaches into your chest and tugs at your emotions. The whispered tones that open her performance build into a solid and smooth neo-soul movement. Through her performance, she infuses the sadness of losing connection with your inner child into each word. This is only one side of the story in the single as there is a touch of seeing this happen to someone else as well. This dual meaning in the vocals enhances the overall emotion of the track.

MonkeyRat and Anna Sofia Skoradal tug at your emotions with the poetic lyrics and neo-soul vocals that wash through you in ‘The Child’. The melody has an easy softness that sweeps you into the single with an electronic yet organic sound. Skoradal’s vocals are smooth and emotive as she draws you into the sadness of losing your inner child.

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