Bleach Boy – Walk (2022)

Starting out as four lads rehearsing in a damp basement in Manchester, Bleach Boy has grown to be one of the more charismatic groups in the UK indie scene. The aim of their music is to create an honest and raw sound, and this is exactly what they are doing. Building a reputation for engaging and energetic gigs, Bleach Boy has performed across the UK and even supported US bands like Surfbort and BAMBARA. With intensity and rawness, they thrill audiences…and now we’re taking a look at how thrilling they are off-stage. Come with us as we delve into their debut EP Walk.

Described by Hannah McGill of BBC Radio Scotland as “…a big mad crashing piece of rock music…”, Bleach Boy seem to be as thrilling on the radio as they are onstage. Following their 2021 release ‘Good Intentions’, Walk showcases the group’s versatility and innovativeness as artists. Opening with ‘Jamie’s Birthday’, Bleach Boy introduce themselves as a blunt post-punk band with lazy vocals lying underneath the distorted guitars. Reminiscent of Joy Division, there is a mind-altering ruggedness to the track tossing you into a sonic whirlpool and leaving you to twirl about in the ear-splitting rage.

After approximately seven minutes of spinning about, we move on to ‘Good Intentions’ where the band brings a punk sound. Pounding drums join the heavy guitars in this one creating a bold foundation for Milo’s brash vocals. The thing is, while you begin to think Bleach Boy is another loud punk band, they transition to another genre entirely. Milo’s vocal execution remains blunt in ‘Else’; however, the arrangement slows to an almost ballad style. The group shows as much as they are ear-splitting, they can also be soothing.

Ending with the title track, Bleach Boy leave us with an eclectic combination of rock and punk. The movement from smoother rock to abrasive punk notes that they are not a one-trick pony. In fact, the only thing true description I can give to Bleach Boy is that their music is an acid trip without the acid. As I mentioned, the aim of this UK-based group is to create honest, raw music and Walk represents this goal perfectly.

For more from Bleach Boy check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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