Gregor McMurray ft Jingle – Vivid (2022)

Gregor McMurray is pushing the boundaries of electronic music with his single ‘Vivid’. Joining his experimental production with the vocal talents of Jingle, he fuses sounds from across the genre spectrum while providing a rush of emotion. Tinged with pop sensibilities, the single pulses with breakbeat as the lyrics consider overwhelming emotion that hits you like a shockwave.

Having already staked his place as a musician to watch with his breakthrough single ‘Glyph’, McMurray soaks up inspiration and winds it around the core of his sound. Since his breakthrough, he has caught the attention of hip-hop legend T-Pain and tastemakers Triple-J. Now, he is showing that he has a lot more to offer by subverting expectations and melding his sound with the talents of others.

‘Vivid’ has an experimental electronic feeling to the opening with a background of hazy synths and striking shards of sound. As the deep beats enter, they are joined by an almost eerie wash that trails a shivering touch across the back of your neck. The melody has a vulnerability to it that is highlighted by the vocals. There is this timidity to the sound like it is nervous to become louder and break through the stillness of the soundscape. This all drops when you are plunged into the pulsing tones and the jittering upper layers. The swing in the sound is wonderful and completely changes the overall feeling of the single. It is an amazing push at the boundaries of the genre that has been pieced together with a sophisticated mastery.

The vulnerability of the single starts with the first word from Jingle. There is a whisper to his performance that reminds you of hushed tones in the early morning. Through his performance, Jingle paints a vivid picture of emotions that often feel overwhelming. The lyrics touch on a relationship that has either ended or coming to an end and delve into the feelings left in the wake of this. At times, it feels like the vocal performance is leading you from something you have become comfortable with into the unknown. This feeling perfectly matches the experimental nature of the melody that truly leads listeners into uncharted musical territory.

Gregor McMurray and Jingle combine their impressive talents to draw you into the overwhelming emotions of ‘Vivid’. The melody brings McMurray’s experimental style to a vulnerability that swings into something more. Jingle’s vocals continue this vulnerable feeling while seeming to lead you into the unknown.

Find out more about Gregor McMurray on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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