Blonde Diamond – Red Flags (2021)

There are many people in relationships who don’t realise how toxic they are. Fortunately, Blonde Diamond is here with the cautionary tale ‘Red Flags’ that sheds some light on abusive relationships. The aptly named single offers a retrospective view of a seemingly fairytale romance that slowly spirals into something much darker and twisted.

Taking their usual characteristic energetic drums and sparkling tones, they lead you into the relationship and highlight what to look out for. Drawing on the experience of Alexis Young (vocals, keys, synths), the band turns this personal journey into something truly universal. Malcolm Holt (drums), Louis Hearn (guitar) and Bruce Ledingham (keys, synths) add their ethereal instrumentation to the story, for a single that fills you with anticipation for their upcoming full-length debut album.

‘Red Flags’ hits you with the sound that the band has become known for with some sparkling beats and dreamy guitars. This creates the feeling of a perfect relationship and the fairytale romance that most are looking for. As the single progresses, there is something darker that rises from the depths and starts to grip your senses. The rolling electronic tones add an ominous edge to the track as the lyrics start to indicate that there is something wrong. A pulse of rock tones comes through the dreamy and light tones for this perfect push of something new. It is a thoroughly engaging melody that has a lot more going on than first meets the ear.

As you fall into the dreamy opening, Young’s vocals are an intimate whisper that flows through the light tones. The gentle and light vibes of the opening vocals are a little at odds with the lyrics that detail a good relationship that seems to take a sudden turn. Through the verses, you are treated to some wonderful storytelling lyrics that lead you into the spiral of the relationship, viewed in hindsight. It is wonderful how the red flags of a relationship are woven into the steady movement of the relationship and the emotions of one person. As the single progresses, there is a realisation that things are toxic and you need to get out. The chorus is packed with the strength that you need to leave the relationship and is very catchy. You could find yourself singing the chorus at random times throughout the day.

Blonde Diamond offer a retrospective view of a relationship spiralling from perfect to toxic through the addictive movements of ‘Red Flags’. The aptly titled track grabs your attention with a dreamy sound that slowly turns dark as the lyrics lead you to the realisation that the relationship is toxic. The vocals build from a whisper to an empowered chorus that sticks with you.

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