Alexa Perez – Wondering (2021)

With her shimmering debut single, Alexa Perez lays out a diary-style track packed with vulnerability and empowerment. While packed with loaded emotions, there is a feel-good vibe threaded through the sound that urges us to all chase our dreams. Flipping the script on anxiety and endlessly wondering self-doubt, the rack is a great anthem that fills you with the power and strength to move on and grab a hold of your dreams.

As the single asks some hard but important questions, it introduces us to the emotive power of her sound. A moving pop song, she brings listeners out of spiralling worst-case scenarios, while holding your hand as she joins you in figuring everything out. Through the soaring empowerment of the track, we are able to get a glimpse of what Perez has in store for us in the future.

‘Wondering’ uses a progressive opening to carefully draw your attention to the bubbling tones. The melody gently roils against your senses before the beats pop from the depths. There is a really gentle and easy feel to the melody – so gentle that you can’t help but sink back into it. The tender tones of the music allow the vocals to shine while adding to the intimate feeling of the opening. This all changes when the beats make themselves known and you soar on a burst of energy and colour. At this point, the empowerment of the single flows through your senses and you feel the strength of the track solidify in your soul.

When Perez’s vocals enter, they bring an intimate vulnerability to the soundscape. The way the lyrics lay out her thoughts is wonderful as it is so relatable and honest. The emotive power of her performance enhances the feeling of the track as she invites you into her thoughts, as they spiral into a dark place. As the music picks up for the chorus, the rise of her vocals lifts you out of the darkness and fills you with the light of empowerment. Every element of the track comes together to form the anthem that many of us need to help grab our dreams and leave anxiety-fuelled doubts far in the past.

Alexa Perez uses her debut single ‘Wondering’ to fill us with bright energy, empowerment and strength while leaving anxiety and self-doubt in the past. The music is tender and carries a delicate honesty through the tones as it sends you soaring on waves of strength. Her vocals are vulnerable as she lays out her thoughts before grabbing your hand and drawing you with her, into the light of power and self-worth.

Find out more about Alexa Perez on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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