Bloom – Empty Room (2020)

A lot of people face times when it feels that you have no one to support you, even when people have said they would. Bloom is here to give you a sonic version of the shock of these moments with the boost of knowing that you can still dance to your own tune in ‘Empty Room’. The single reminds you that your opinion is what matters and that you are strong enough to carry on without the people who have let you down.

No stranger to adversity, Bloom uses her upbeat vibes and pop sound to make you feel better. You can also relate and connect with her music whether you have been in a similar situation or not.

‘Empty Room’ hits you with these beats that get you moving to the melody. This leads to Bloom’s vocals which have this vibe to them that you can’t help but get into. Her vocals have this great flow that highlights the emotions of the lyrics. She takes you through the shock and sadness of not being backed up by people you think will be there for you. However, she moves past this and pumps you full of strength and the sense that you can continue on.

Below her vocals is that infectious beat. Throughout the song, the beats from the opening keep driving through you. There is a steadiness to the melody that works as a foundation for you to draw strength from. The keys on in the melody add to the upbeat feeling of the single and get your shoulders moving to the beat.

Bloom lets you know that you can still dance to your own beat while ignoring what others say about you in ‘Empty Room’. Using a solid beat and emotive vocals, she empowers you and makes you feel like you can forge on.

Find out more about Bloom on her Instagram and Spotify.

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