MoRin – AL1 (2020)

Lockdown has affected everyone in different ways. To cope with some of the emotions of this, MoRin has been creating music including his latest single ‘AL1’. The craziness of modern life is highlighted through the dark-wave and experimental tones of the single. This is blended with a splash of cinematic soundscapes to transport you into the emotions of the track.

The man behind the wall of sound is Modestas Rinkevičius, a music producer and artist. The basis of his music is experimentation, but there is a united sound to his songs. It has the ability to take you on a journey you might not have been expecting.

‘AL1’ draws you in with these light chiming tones that are wonderfully gentle. However, they give way to a darker electronic sound that seems to wrap around your head and zing through you. There are a lot of different sounds hitting you in this song from the deep pulsing synths to reverb. While the combination of different sounds might feel strange against your ears, they are able to build a sense of emotion.

The seemingly disjointed melody does have this flow to it that leads you from a darkness in the start to an almost manic energy. The higher notes in the second half of the track have this frenetic vibe to them almost like they are trying to break out. The movement of the melody creates a great sonic representation of what many people are feeling right now.

MoRin uses experimental sounds to sonically portray the emotions that a lot of people have right now in ‘AL1’. There is a lot going on in the song and the melody moves through an almost disjointed journey swinging from chiming notes to reverb to pulsing synths.

Find out more about MoRin on his Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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