BLVFF – Want For Nothing (2020)

A combination of Franz Ferdinand and Queens of the Stone Age, the indie-rock band BLVFF recently released their single ‘Want For Nothing’. A charismatic group from Coventry, BLVFF is a ferocious punch in the head, but a good punch in the head. Only two years old, this talented five-piece have steadily built a great reputation on the UK music scene receiving plays from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, as well as being featured in Indie Central Music and Little Indie Blogs.

‘Want For Nothing’ is the latest offering from these English lads and it’s as ruthless as the rest. Moving from a heavier alt-rock sound in 2018, BLVFF embraces the iconic Britpop bands, such as Kasabian, in 2020. Described as “dark indie-rock”, BLVFF focuses on catchy hooks, a steady drumbeat, and smooth vocals. Beyond the engaging lyrics, the concept of ‘Want For Nothing’ is as captivating with its relatability for the average Joe.

“The song is based on mind games that often come before love, the misconceptions that follow when chasing a bad love conquest and succumbing at all costs. Being someone’s someone in vain, knowing it will go wrong and that you never wanted any of this.” – Michael McCann, frontman of BLVFF, on ‘Want For Nothing’

While good as a song on my laptop, ‘Want For Nothing’ is an anthemic single worthy of Leeds Arena. I look forward to BLVFF’s passionate performances when the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. Perhaps there’s a chance for a virtual performance? Never say never.

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