Track of the Day: Spirits Republic – Decor

If Smashing Pumpkins were to have a lovechild with Primus and it was adopted by Phish, Spirits Republic would be it. In 2016, three talented gents came together to create a new breed of rock. When people think of Nashville, they often think of country, but Spirits Republic shows us that Nashville boys are far more than simple strumming of an acoustic guitar. Russell Somer (vocals and guitar), Ricky Demeo (bass) and Perry Dornbush (drums) defy the stereotype in a highly innovative way.

Using a DIY approach to music, Spirits Republic produce highly original and dynamic music. Their debut album Hourglass demonstrates the diversity of their sound fusing funk, psychedelia and alternative rock. This sonic experimentation combined with energetic performances built up a strong reputation in the Nashville music scene. The latest offering ‘Decor’ is as exciting, insightful and addictive as ever!

Integrating funk, classic rock and blues with a topping of synths makes ‘Decor’ a trip from beginning to end. A mish-mash of styles, but with complete control of its complexity makes Spirit Republic one of the more inventive bands around. A difficult act to follow, so be sure to up your game if you’re ever on the same stage.

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