Bones in Butter – A Dystopian Love Song (2022)

Bones in Butter are a band that we have been hooked to since the first time we heard them and have cemented their place in our hearts with each subsequent release. Their single ‘A Dystopian Love Song’ is no different as it tells the story of two lovers spending the night together before an impending catastrophic event. The single continues the band’s ability to tackle serious topics in an often ironic fashion, while evading any hope of classifying them into a single genre.

For this single, they are bringing a touch of retro vibes to their fusion sound, bringing a reminiscent vibe to the track. Inspired by a crazy, yet eerie atmosphere recalled from many years ago, the single finds the perfect balance between anticipated fear and living in the moment. A nostalgic love song, this track brings a catchy vibe that will hook you even further to the band’s music.

The notes that open ‘A Dystopian Love Song’ have a slightly eerie dystopian feeling to them, like you are looking out over a desolate landscape. A vibrating guitar line changes everything for a lighter and warmer feeling as you are thrust into a nostalgic ride. This is when the retro vibes really start to hit as the melody gains a vintage new wave wash. The melody is rather chilled, while steeped in nostalgia. You just want to sway to the music as you soak up the rather good vibes that float through the soundscape. This changes slightly halfway through the single as a trilling tone vibrates from the low levels and adds a new energy to the single. This brings a touch of anticipation for the catastrophe that is coming, but that is tempered by the light vibes.

Rising from the desolate opening are the vocals that bring another hit of retro vibes. There is an 80s edge to the vocal performance as it slides into the love story of the single. There is a feeling of carefree abandon to the opening lyrics, as they consider that you don’t know what might happen and you need to live in the moment. This turns into an intimate embrace that fills you with the light and bright feelings of love and affection. At times, it does feel like the lyrics are trying to tell two stories at the same time. The love story of two people enjoying carefree moments together merges with the worry of what is to come in this potential dystopian world.

Bones in Butter continue to engage the senses with a retro touch to a love song tempered with anticipation of catastrophe in ‘A Dystopian Love Song’. The melody is rather chilled and has you swaying to the sound while soaking up the light vibes. The vocals bring a secondary hit of vintage vibes, while playing affection against worried anticipation.

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