Moon and Aries – Take Me Home (2022)

Moon and Aries brought a sense of peace and hope that thawed the cold slumber of our souls in the aptly titled ‘COLD’. Now, the self-proclaimed synth-pop opera duo are taking us far away from normal life, while diving deeper into the soul with ‘Take Me Home’. With a splash of retro vibes, their synth sound draws you deeper into the hidden parts of the psyche and the aspects of your soul that have been left covered.

The single is the first release from their EP Paradise, which furthers the purpose of their music. Deepening their musical connections while dipping into themes that mark the time we live in, the duo offer a wonderful contrast between paradise and what lies beneath. Playing uplifting vibes against explorations of the inner self, Jordana Moon and Tom Aries transport you to another world.

‘Take Me Home’ gets your attention with a rather atmospheric opening packed with expansive synths. There is an interesting feeling to the opening as the synths reach out toward the horizon, while the low levels seem to carry a building feeling to them. The twinkle of the higher synths adds to the expansiveness of the melody, while the lower plucked tones are more intimate. There is a touch of escapism to the music as it seems to transport you through predawn light. As you listen to the melody, you can feel yourself leaving all the worries of the world behind and gliding on the synth air currents. Halfway through the track, the melody does turn slightly, getting a new lift to the melodic movement. The soaring escapism remains, but there is something that calls your attention and tries to draw you down to ground.

While you are soaring on the wings of the melody, Moon’s vocals settle on your skin like the cool chill of the early morning. This chill turns into the pale light of the horizon that the melody is reaching out toward. There is a rather ethereal feeling to her performance that sends shivers running down your spine. The lyrics swirl with a nebulousness that adds to the escapism of the track. When the music takes a slight turn, the vocals become layered and lose some of the ethereal touch for a more grounded sound. There is something about this new vocal line that has you turning to an introspective vibe and looking further within, to hidden parts of your psyche.

Moon and Aries have you gliding on synth currents in predawn light as the vocals bring an ethereal wash to your senses in ‘Take Me Home’. The melody is atmospheric with a touch of escapism that has you leaving the world behind to glide on the waves of synths. Moon’s vocals have an otherworldly vibe, before turning to a more grounded flow.

Find out more about Moon and Aries on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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