Bones In Butter – Her Cave (2021)

With two features on The Other Side Reviews, Bones In Butter is already a familiar artist for us; however, they are potentially the most memorable of the bunch. Led by multi-instrumentalist Milutin Krasevic, Bones In Butter is a collective of artists adding their skills to hard-hitting music. Bonding over mutual interests and common goals, the Belgrade-based group has a Joy Division meets Nick Cave sound. I am always astounded at the likeness of Krasevic’s vocals to Nick Cave merely because it is so iconic. The latest addition to Bones In Butter’s discography is ‘Her Cave’.

As I mentioned, Bones In Butter has a revolving “cast of musicians” and this single uses the skills of Luna Skopelja (vocals), Pavle Popov (guitar), Damjan Kapor (bass), Marcelo Effori (drums), Dima Faustov (saxophone) and Milutin Krasevic (vocals and synths). Despite being part of a newly formed act, each individual is a veteran artist with diverse experiences contributing to a greater sound. Moreover, each individual was involved in the production of ‘Her Cave’ from the recording to mixing and mastering at Belgrade’s HillRiver Studios.

Immediately tossed into a forest of mist, Bones in Butter build a hazy ambience with their gothic melody. With an easy flow and dark tone, the guitars, drums and synths adopt a harmonic sound; however, the saxophone solo adds a sense of warmth in the haunting tone. What I enjoy is the incorporation of listless female vocals alongside the rich male voice. The interaction between these two emphasises the poignancy and conceptual nature of the melancholic song.

In addition to the single, Bones In Butter released an official music video for ‘Her Cave’ featuring actress Roxi Orz. Adding a visual aspect to the concept of fear, uncertainty and angst, the video is a haunting gothic masterpiece. While this video does not hold the darkness of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’, Krasevic’s monotone vocals certainly inspire a “creepiness” in the style of Nick Cave. Moreover, the fact that this official video is black and white increases the angst, ennui and frustration within the protagonist. I must warn that the video contains strobe-like lighting effects and can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.


For more from Bones In Butter check out their official website and Spotify.

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