Jacob Reddy – Everything’s Alright (2021)

Jacob Reddy helped us shake off the cobwebs in our brains with the rousing tones of ‘Outside the Box’. His follow-up ‘Everything’s Alright’ has a cooler tone for a raw acoustic rock song. Through the single, he encourages all of us to work together to light the sparks we need in the world. The call of the track will stick in your head and fill you with the urge to reach out to others to stoke the embers.

Reddy continues to draw on his experience busking throughout North West England to record and mix his music. His natural performing energy comes through the raw tones of the track in a very different way to his last single but is not any less engaging. Melding rock tones with funk and pop, he has you hooked to his sound while weaving his message into your soul.

‘Everything’s Alright’ strums its way into your brain and has your toe-tapping to the rhythm. You can feel the undertone of funk in the melody as the music grabs every part of you and gets it moving. This flows perfectly into the soft rock guitar line that is just as engaging. There is an authentic feeling to the music that lets you know the single is one that you really need to pay attention to. The honest and earnest feeling of the melody opens your mind to the message of vocals.

Reddy’s voice is as engaging as the melody while relaying a message that we should all take to heart. His performance carries the honesty of the melody through to the lyrics that call for us to work together. While this is the primary message, there is also some serious feel-good vibes woven in. His voice takes on a growl at times that scratches against your brain perfectly while the backing vocals add texture to the track. If you are looking for a song that makes you want to connect with others and puts a smile on your face, this is the one for you.

Jacob Reddy calls for everyone to work together to create the sparks we need in life through the engaging tones of ‘Everything’s Alright’. The single is packed with honesty and authenticity that shines in both the melody and vocals. While more acoustic than his last track, there is a rousing energy that fills you with its power and sticks with you long after the song ends.

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