Bones in Butter – Littlewing (2021)

Bones in Butter are delving into personal experiences for the love song ‘Littlewing’. Written when their lead singer was courting his wife, the single works through his feelings while also paying homage to Lou Reed. Using some dream pop and a hit of alternative rock, the band has you riding adoration and love while getting lost in their sound.

While the song was written by Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples), Luna Skopelja (vocals, samples), Todor Zivkovic (guitars), Dejan Skopelja (bass), Tom Fedja Franklin (drums) and Srdjan Popov (guitar) help bring it to life. They came together during the pandemic with common goals and interest in making a name on Belgrade’s alternative scene. To achieve this, they are drawing on their experience as accomplished musicians and musical influences for an amazing sound.

‘Littlewing’ has a gentle layered melody that fills you with light good vibes. There is an airy feeling to the music that makes you think of fluffy clouds and happiness. The guitars delicately pluck against your ears while the drums shuffle you to the floating of the clouds. There is a great warmth to the melody that bolsters the vocals and overall emotion of the track. Through the music, you can feel a touch of Lou Reed mixed with something that is unique to the band. The blending of dream pop with melodic rock is wonderful and showcases the musicality of the band.

The vocals have a very chill vibe to them as Krasevic’s light rasp sparkles over the music. There are these underlying harmonisations that are fantastic and add an ethereal edge to the music. The layering of the vocals brings a soft plushness to the song that you could sink into as you float through the air of the melody. The lyrics are packed with a swelling of love and affection that easily puts a smile on your face.

Bones in Butter have you floating on a cloud while smiling to the gentle rasp of the vocals with ‘Littlewing’. The layered richness of the melody is relaxing and warm letting you float on a cloud in a gentle breeze. The harmonised vocals create a greater richness to the music while the lyrics have you smiling.

Find out more about Bones in Butter on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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