Jack Goodall and the Kick – Out of Here (2021)

Jack Goodall and the Kick are bringing a breath of fresh air to the music scene with ‘Out of Here’. With a burst of new energy, the band is taking listeners on a journey. With a groovy mix of folk-rock, indie rock and indie pop, the band has you jumping to their beat while having a great time.

While you might know Jack Goodall from his solo work, his newly formed band is bringing a whole new passion for his sound. With the help of Jack Smith (drums), Emma Reading (guitars) and Rob Jones (cello), they get you excited about their sound and their upcoming album.

‘Out of Here’ draws you in with a wonderfully layered opening. There are beats that grab your brain while the piano line is a delicate dance across them. This layering gives way to a paced melody that makes your body shiver with it. The rolling drums have a great passion to them that is bolstered by the cello that rises from the depths of the melody. The unique and almost quirky movement of the music is a masterclass in songwriting as each element flows perfectly into the next. There is a hint of jazz and funk that is woven into a more folk-rock vibe.

Over the exquisite musical arrangement are Goodall’s vocals. There is an almost conversational feeling to his performance that slides into a soaring chorus of melodic goodness. The movement of his vocal performance is as impressive as the melodic arrangement. Through his voice, you ride the waves of the music while getting a little lost in the lyrics and messaging of the track. There is a bit of call out in the lyrics mixed with a yearning for something more. Everything in this song comes together for an utterly delightful listening experience that you can’t get enough of.

Jack Goodall and the Kick have really set the bar high with the enthralling arrangements of ‘Out of Here’. The music captivates you from the first second to the last gentle fade out. Goodall’s vocals get you lost in the emotions of the track while making you want to play the single on repeat.

Find out more about Jack Goodall and the Kick on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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