Bosola – How Sick I Became Running From Myself (2021)

The brainchild of UK-based singer-songwriter Tim Cox, Bosola is a project that, according to NARC Magazine, is “absolutely essential listening”. Drawing together elements of alternative rock, folk, grunge and indie-rock, Bosola is not to be pigeon-holed. In fact, the only true fact we can make when it comes to genre is the absence of hip hop or EDM in Bosola’s music. Who knows, perhaps his innovative nature will bring some beats to the next release. Until then, we have the rock-influenced Tim Cox and his unique sound.

Despite being a rather new act, this artist is already grabbing the attention of notable critics across the globe. Receiving coverage from It’s All Indie, Spotlight Music, Music For The Misfits, Sinusoidal Music and various playlists, Bosola is being rather well received. The latest addition to his growing discography is the EP How Sick I Became Running From Myself.

Reminiscent of Oasis, Bosola embraces his British indie-rock roots with How Sick I Became Running From Myself. Yet, while the first two tracks could fit comfortably alongside The Verve and Oasis, Bosola incorporates blues and folk to end off the four-track EP. Yes, his gruff vocals remain across the tracks; however, it is the way he utilises his tone in the melody that demonstrates versatility and artistry.

A conceptual EP, How Sick I Became Running From Myself touches on issues of isolation, uncertainty, anxiety, isolation, grief, inner turmoil and betrayal. ‘This Time Buddy, It’s All On You’ and ‘Soil & Dust’ use an upbeat and seemingly jovial melody with obscure vocals to get your toe-tapping. What I find intriguing about the first track is how the whimsical sound assumes happiness, the lyricism is quite sombre dealing with “themes of righteous anger and relationship breakdown”.

Perfectly placed, ‘Soil & Dust’ takes a step towards empowerment reviewing the uncertain joy of being in a new relationship with a folk-rock influence. As I mentioned, it is upbeat with obscure vocals, but it is far more cheerful in its lyricism and melody aiming to “provide a nostalgic antidote to the drudgery of lockdown” – Bosola’s words, not mine.

It is difficult to choose a favourite amidst the songs with their dynamic guitars and pounding drums, but I believe it might be ‘Find Your Peace’. Similar to ‘The Social Moth’, ‘Find Your Peace’ explores the grittier side of existence. ‘The Social Moth’ may take a Dorian Gray slant toward hedonism and ultimate isolation, but it is ‘Find Your Peace’ that captivates me. Bosola explains that this song “was written in the days following the suicide of an extended family member…” and it is clear with the desperation in his voice.

Brooding, intimate, lively and insightful with nostalgic melancholy, How Sick I Became Running From Myself is a coming-of-age EP with evocative ambiences and a cinematic soundscape. Finding the delicate balance between tender charm and vulnerable fragility, Bosola takes us on a personal journey in this new release.

For more from Bosala, check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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