Luke Lanzon – Mr Bluebird (2021)

Despite being a relative newbie when it comes to releasing music, singer-songwriter Luke Lanzon has been writing songs since his teenage years. Soon after learning guitar chords at 16, Lanzon pursued a musical career beginning with online demos and playlist placements. Now, in 2021, Lanzon looks to take the world by storm with his indie-pop singles. Moreover, his coverage on FV Music Blog, Sonic Breakfast, Berlin on Air and Clunk Magazine show he is turning heads on an international scale. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Mr Bluebird’.

Following his upbeat single ’46’, ‘Mr Bluebird’ adopts a slower, smoother and acoustic-influenced tone. Slightly reminiscent of Paul McCartney, Lanzon’s piano-driven track flows harmonically with his rich vocals and interspersed percussion. What I find intriguing is how there is an initial whimsical haziness, but Lanzon soon picks up the pace increasing the joviality of the track. It is this movement between toe-tapping crescendos and brooding diminuendos that showcases the artist’s, well, artistry.

Originally released as a demo approximately 10 years ago, ‘Mr Bluebird’ is one of Lanzon’s earliest works. What I find intriguing about the single is not the shift from dreamy and ethereal to lively and vibrant in a few minutes, but the sophistication of the execution. Effortlessly finding that line between tender innocence and insightful maturity, Lanzon captures the delicacy of human nature in his music.

Filled with vulnerability and sentimentality, the sincere single melds optimistic melodies and nostalgic lyricism. It’s this complexity that really sold me, not just the smile-inducing piano and rich vocals. I have no doubt that Lanzon will impress us further with more of his honest, heartwarming singles; in fact, I look forward to more material from this lad.

For more from Luke Lanzon check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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