BrandosLife – Mistakes (2022)

A lot of us put people on a pedestal only to be constantly disappointed by these people as they use and abuse our regard of them. This is something that BrandosLife understands all too well and has transformed into his mid-tempo Afropop single ‘Mistakes’. Through the single, he touches on themes of heartbreak, manipulation, gaslighting and pettiness, set to a light-hearted melody.

Packed with overdramatic lyrics and a groovy beat, the single has been designed to get you moving both physically and emotionally. While BrandosLife draws on a strong background in RnB, his music has an interesting flair of personal experiences, retro vibes and modern infusions. With a sprinkling of different genres, he brings a little something for everyone into a sound that is sure to get you dancing.

‘Mistakes’ has a rather seductive opening that slides with the richness of RnB. The thrum of the bass is sure to get your shoulders moving to the sound, before the warm slide of the main melody fills your senses. The moving vibes of the melody slink into your senses before you realise what has happened. There is a great slip-slide to the melody that catches you in its current. The richness of the music is masterful and perfectly brings the bounce of the beats to the smoothness of the sound. There is a contemporary RnB touch to the melody that merges perfectly with the light touch of the Afrobeat, to form the grooviest movement possible. While the grooves seem light as you listen, they have an undeniable ability to get you moving to the rhythm.

As you slide along the smoothness of the melody, BrandosLife’s vocals draw you into a familiar tale. The opening verse paints the scene of the single with an understanding that mistakes were made by chasing someone and putting them on a pedestal. This slides into the RnB flows of his performance as he moves on from the disappointment and manipulation of the relationship. There is a layering to the vocals later in the track that adds to the overall richness of the track. It is a really mature composition and arrangement that lets you know that he has a lot more to offer and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

BrandosLife helps us move on from disappointment, heartbreak and manipulations through the light-hearted and smooth RnB tones of ‘Mistakes’. The melody brings the best elements of contemporary RnB to the track, while sliding a moving vibe into your senses. His vocal performance is relatable and powerful as it sweeps through an arrangement that has you wanting more.

Find out more about BrandosLife on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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