Brian Grogan – Runny Nose (2020)

Every cloud has a silver lining and getting a cold just before Christmas resulted in the single ‘Runny Nose’ by Brian Grogan. Written in the winter of 2018-2019, the single works through the experience of getting a runny nose from a girl Grogan was dating. The pair were desperate to see each other after she fell ill and it resulted in a runny nose and ruined Christmas, but also a catchy song.

The honest storytelling and charming sense of humour Grogan infuses into his music makes this track a pleasure to listen to. Backing with melodies that stick in your brain, he has you grooving to his vibe before you know it. Drawing on inspiration from Bon Iver and Paul Simon, he inundates you with folk-pop goodness.

‘Runny Nose’ has a soaring guitar that reminds you of acoustic rock of old. There is a great strumming flow to the melody that is absolutely charming. The melody is relatively simple but is completely engaging as it freezes you to the spot and makes you listen to the rest of the track. The flow of the track changes a little in the latter part as the melody gets a lighter touch to it. The interplay of the layers of guitar adds to the folky rock sound of the track.

Grogan’s vocals are smooth as he enters with the delightfully charming lyrics. It is a very fun track that charts having a runny nose and all the problems that come with it. The lyrics have a comedic element to them, but this gets a slightly serious edge when combined with the melody. If you are looking for a single that is a lot of fun to listen to, this is the track you want.

Brian Grogan fills an acoustic rock soundscape with charmingly humorous lyrics for the fun single ‘Runny Nose’. The melody has layers of guitars that work together to create a stable melody for the often funny lyrics. Grogan’s gentle timbre has an effortless charm as he charts having a runny nose and all the issues you face with this.

Find out more about Brian Grogan on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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