BlueMelt – The Cube and the Key (Part 1) (2021)

With his debut EP The Cube and the Key (Part 1), BlueMelt is bringing classic blues melodies to bold and modern industrial sounds. To this, he brings a layer of grungy vocals while shoring the soundscape up with a solid foundation of rock. An absolute blend of tones, sounds and styles, the EP is a rather epic introduction to his music that has you eagerly awaiting his next release.

While this is the debut EP from the project, Vito Tardia, the man behind the music, is no newcomer to the scene. He started playing the guitar at age 13 before joining his first rock band at 16. For years, he was part of the power metal band Pandaemonium before joining b0d and writing music for videos and commercials. It was in early 2019 that he started up the BlueMelt project which was meant to be instrumental but has evolved into what meets our ears today.

The EP opens with ‘Stranger’ which brings a pulse of classic rock to our ears. The guitar soars through your senses and really picks you up for the ride of the track. There are these great layers to the melody as the lower pulse of guitar steadily moves beneath the captivating main guitar line. It is almost like the guitars are talking to each other and telling you their story. What the story is, that is up to you to decide but all I know is that it is really engaging. As an opening salvo, the track really lets you know that Tardia knows what he is doing.

The title track ‘The Cube and the Key’ has a more industrial feeling to the lower levels while the guitars hit with a greater heaviness. You can feel the tendrils of hard rock woven into the fabric of the track. The industrial undertones propel you down the soundscape while the hard rock guitars get you swaying to their rhythm. As with the opening track, there seems to be a back and forth between the guitar lines as they duet to perfection through the track. You can’t help but feel slightly awed by the prowess of the instrumentation.

‘Miles Away (Dreaming)’ has a lighter feeling as the main guitar line has you relaxing into it. There is a great sense of warmth to the melody that has you thinking of days spent enjoying the sun on the steps of your home. There is a touch of something familiar to this track but this has been mixed with a sentiment that is wonderfully unique. As you close your eyes and take in the soaring flow of the guitar, you feel yourself get lost in the music and all the stresses of the day rising off your shoulders. The title wonderfully captures the feeling that this track encapsulates as you are flown miles away from reality.

The bluesy tones that fill the opening of ‘Another Glass of Red’ get your feet tapping. This flows into a movement that is rather country rock which perfectly builds for the vocals. While the vocals are an easy flow, they are passionate and powerful as they fill you with the emotions of the lyrics. The interplay between the guitar and vocals is wonderful as the guitar soars as the vocals drop. While you bop to the movement of the melody, the vocals will have you singing along before you even realise it.

‘Sin’ brings back the classic rock tones through the opening that offers a light touch of darkness. The vocals whisper out from the depths and crook a finger to beckon you closer. There is a seductive touch to the vocal performance that ensnares you with ease. The darkness of the melody wraps shadowy ropes around you while the vocals pull you into the story of the lyrics. This is an extremely engaging track that has the tale of the lyrics playing out across your mind.

The EP comes to an end with the warm and light tones of ‘Close Enough’. There is a tender feeling to the opening line that puts a little smile on your face. Through the gentle tones of the music, you are transported to a meadow where the sun streams down and you can just enjoy the presence of someone you care about. It is a wonderfully bright way to end the EP and sees you off with a wash of light energy and happiness.

BlueMelt mixes enthralling instrumental tracks with powerful vocals for the engaging listening experience that is The Cube and the Key (Part 1). The EP is an amazing debut that not only captures his power with instruments but his vocal abilities as well. While the music hooks into your soul, the vocals engage your emotions and senses to fill you with the stories he has to tell.

Find out more about BlueMelt on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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