Broken Notions – The Descender (2021)

Bringing together various styles and sounds, Broken Notions is, in a word, eclectic. Ranging from Joy Division to The Pixies and King Crimson, the UK-based trio shows an evolution of sound within single songs. Hailing from Edinburgh, Kyle (vocals and guitar), Lewis (bass) and Shaun (drums) are a breath of fresh air in a stagnating rock scene. Brand new with only a couple of tracks to their name, Broken Notions is standing up tall amidst veteran professionals with a unique style. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is ‘The Descender’.

I may be biting my own hand off here but I prefer to work within the parameters of specific genres. I like knowing what I am dealing with, but every now and then there is a song that blows your mind and makes you question your standing. In six minutes, Broken Notion took me on a journey into a whirlpool of rock music. Melding elements of 70s rock with contemporary kicks, the soothing melody flows around you like a warm “woosh” of sound; however, there is underlying aggression to the smooth single.

At the outset, one might be deceived into believing ‘The Descender’ a slow, steady soft single – it is not. In fact, it is deceptive in its simplistic introduction spiralling down into overwhelming grittiness. The powerful guitars meld effortlessly with dynamic drums, but it is Kyle’s vocals that truly capture my heart. Elegantly traversing the eclectic melodic arrangements, Kyle’s tone and timbre add a glint of Kings of Leon with his exceptional vocal range.

Sonically poignant, ‘The Descender’ creates a kaleidoscopic soundscape with well-placed rises and falls. Yet, once again, it is Kyle’s vocals that enhance the sentimentality and seriousness of the single. Delicately exposing the fragility of the human spirit, Broken Notions find a balance between brash aggression and delicate soulfulness in this all-encompassing single.

For more from Broken Notions check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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