Johnnie Williams – Don’t Give Up (2021)

There are times when all of us need a boost to get through life. This is what Johnnie Williams offers with his aptly titled single ‘Don’t Give Up’. As the name suggests, the track fills you with the positive energy you need to move forward and persevere through the toughest of times. Through the single, he lets you know that you can get through anything and that it is often a game of patience.

Drawing on personal experience, Williams fills the single with his own powerful perseverance that stretches through the soundscape to wrap around you. Pulling on emotions from the stumbling blocks of his own life, he encases them in some nostalgic vibes and positive feelings. After being part of an RnB group in high school and trying out for both American Idol and Making the Band 4, he is ready to unleash his blend of music on the world.

‘Don’t Give Up’ has a smooth soulful vibe in the opening before the melody picks up for a more paced RnB vibe. The melody has a light touch of nostalgia that sends you back to the RnB hits of the late 90s and 2000s. Using the beats of the music, the single propels you through the lyrics. There are moments of vinyl scratches that add this hint of texture to the smooth flows of the music.

The melody forms a solid foundation for the single but it is Williams’ vocals that really make it. His rich vocals work through the disappointments of an ailing relationship. Using this lyrical narrative, he fills you with the disappointments of life while edging you to a sense of empowerment. As the lyrics work through heartbreak, he lets you know that any problems you face in life can be tackled with perseverance and you should fight through it all. His voice is packed with emotion as he dips into pain only to build himself up with a powerful strength that shines through the darkness.

Johnnie Williams uses some nostalgic RnB vibes and an ailing relationship to fill you with the power to fight on in the soulful ‘Don’t Give Up’. Using a solid melody that has a touch of retro RnB, he lets his vocals shine out. Using the lyrical device of a relationship, he fills you with strength and the positive vibes you need to get through any problems.

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