BRUNO – Villain (2020)

In heroes versus villains, we almost always see the side of the hero, but what about the villain? Their side of the story is what BRUNO is sharing in his new single ‘Villain’. The song tells the story of truth, revelation and eventual pride in being the bad guy. This point of view is set to the backdrop of an uplifting summer anthem that is so energetic it forces you to move.

Partnering with singer-songwriter Nathaniel, BRUNO mixes synths and punching basslines to a funk-inspired melody. Using his influences and experiences, he is looking to reimagine the music scene of the 70s and 80s. He is bringing life back to vintage electronic music with a dash of funk thrown in for good measure.

The deep synths are the first thing to grab your attention as they pulse and waver over you. The story of ‘Villain’ is smoothly started as the vocals meld and emerge from the synths. The lyrics paint a clear picture that is so easy to imagine and enthralling. The rise and fall of the vocals add a depth to the song that is echoed in the vigorous synths.

The rhythm set by the synths grabs you much like the subject of the single. You really can’t help moving to the beat of the song. The funk elements of the track can be heard throughout in the vocal performance. The synths also take on the rhythmic nature of funk to add a little something extra to the track.

BRUNO gets you moving to the anthem of the bad guys in his strangely uplifting single ‘Villain’. Nathaniel’s vocals are smooth and melt into the pounding synths. Every element of the track is perfectly balanced to make this the song you will be listening to for a long time to come.

Find out more about BRUNO on his Instagram and Spotify.

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