Siracuse – Forever (2020)

Since their debut single ‘Become Lights’ in 2016, Siracuse has been amazing audiences and gaining fans. Now, they have finally released their debut album Forever. A collection of their best works to date it kicks things up a gear. The tracks are atmospheric and dreamlike drawing inspiration from shoegaze with some heavy guitar pedal use.

Ben Zakotti (vocals, guitar), Matt Jefferies (bass) and Will Hall (drums) are aiming a bit higher with this album. While they have gained noticeable support slots and festival appearances, they are looking to knock you out with their new releases. Their reverb laced shows will hopefully soon make a comeback to drive Forever along.

The album starts with ‘Into the Night’ that comes out of the dark with a progressively loud guitar. The driving beat of the song hooks you before Zakotti’s hazy vocals flow over you. There is something otherworldly about his performance as it floats above the guitar lines. You can hear a Brit-rock influence on this track as it takes you back to the days of Joy Division.

The reverb of the guitar at the end of ‘Into the Night’ leads you to ‘Control’. However, this track then takes a different turn with its swirling melody and chanting vocals. The guitars drive through your body as the vocals float over you. The reverbs in the song are a pleasure to hear and carry the sound that is unique to the band.

‘Rebels’ has this deep beat that does not quit. It pounds through your chest for the entire song while the guitars get an atmospheric vibe to them. The vocals have an anthemic feeling as they soar over you and the melody. You can’t help but get hooked onto this track as you move through driving beats, crashing cymbals and atmospheric guitars.

‘Lost Fiction’ is the lead single off the album and gets your attention with these interesting tinkling notes. While the vocal performance is as soaring as the other tracks, there is something interesting about the melody. The interplay between the different elements leads you through different melodic sections. Combined with the vocals, they create a great lead single and possibly my favourite from the album.

The big drums of ‘So Serene’ mixes with the floating guitar lines to slowly draw you into the track. There is an echoing nature to this song that is displayed in the vibrating guitars and hazy vocals. This is a somewhat slower song compared to the others, but it is just as engaging as the more energetic tracks. It is so easy to listen to and you will not notice that it is one of the longest songs on the album.


The next track is ‘Whirlpool’ which has a darker opening with a deep bassline. The pounding drums add to the depth of this song as the guitar buildings a twirling atmosphere around the vocals. There is a creeping feeling to the vocals that make them seem like they are lurking around. The darkness of the track continues throughout, but there is also a sense of escapism in the vocals.

‘Love Stands Tall’ has this awesome guitar line that leads you into the song that you can’t help but like. The soaring guitar notes then take over before you are hit with the airy vocals. There is something fun about this song that gets you engaged and makes you like it. It could be the sense of acceptance in the vocals or the lively melody.

There is something funky about ‘Shadow Walkers’ that gets you into the vibe of things when it starts. The echoing vocals have a far-away sound to them while the guitars are front and centre. While there is not a lot to this song lyrically, there is more than enough in the melody to hold your attention.

The longest song on the album is ‘Loosen Your Grip’ that leads you into the proceedings with an echoing guitar. The lyrics and vocals have a similar dreamy quality to them but are so catchy. You might find yourself singing along to the chorus of the track.

The album comes to an end with ‘The Keeper’ which draws you in with an acoustic guitar opening. This is perhaps the most shoegaze track on the album full of ethereal vocals and hazy guitar lines. The arrangement of this track is interesting and easy on the ears. It is a great way to close the album as it leaves you on a softer note after the soaring of the rest of the tracks.

Siracuse kicks things up a gear with their shoegaze inspired and reverb-drenched album Forever. This collection of songs highlights everything we love about the band from their driving beats to echoing vocals and vibrating guitars. It is an easy album to listen to and one you can’t help but like.

Find out more about Siracuse on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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