Bryce Evans – Hurricanes (2022)

While mental health has been gaining more attention and getting help has become more accessible, there is still a feeling of loneliness that comes when you are struggling. This is something that Bryce Evans understands and tries to eradicate with his single ‘Hurricanes’. While the single deals with mental health problems, it offers the understanding that you are not alone in dealing with these mental storms.

Providing a sense of solace that helps you weather the inner storm of mental health, the single shores up your strength to face anything that comes your way. To bring this fight against internal hurricanes to life, Evans (vocals, guitar) is joined by Stan Brown (bass) and Colin Brown (drums). They used to play together in a band that has since split, but still create music together.

‘Hurricanes’ has a soft rock vibe to the opening as the guitar flows through the soundscape. There is a bluesy touch to the rock sound as it rolls through you with the feeling of a coming storm. You can almost feel the hint of electricity in the air that precedes a thunderstorm or hurricane. The roll of storm clouds is clear through the verses as it builds to the whipping winds of the chorus. The rock pulses just before the chorus pours down are wonderful and perfectly build the tension that breaks in the chorus. There is a rich texture to the melody that is a pleasure to listen to. The guitar solo later in the track is utter perfection as it brings the wild winds of a storm and the lashing rain.

As the melody builds the feeling of a growing storm, Evans’ vocals are like the scent of rain carried on the wind. His performance is emotive as he brings the feeling of struggling with mental health to life. The chorus is packed with a plea for help, but there is a feeling of not being alone woven into it. This really comes through the layering of the vocals that creates the feeling of multiple voices joining together. It is a powerful vocal performance that sweeps through you with the power of a storm, while shoring up your strength to withstand the winds of mental health.

Bryce Evans offers us the strength to withstand the whipping winds and lashing rains of mental health struggles in the powerful ‘Hurricanes’. The melody brings the electricity of a thunderstorm that rolls through your senses, while the vocals carry the scent of rain. His performance lets you know you are not alone in your struggles, while offering the strength you need to withstand your own mental storms.

Find out more about Bryce Evans on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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