Café Society – Daylight Storm (2020)

Café Society has released their first single, touching on some heavy topics. ‘Daylight Storm’ pays tribute to the memory of seven personal heroes of the band’s founder Richard Morris (guitar, vocals). The themes of mental illness, depression and suicide touched the lives of all those being honoured. Using an 80s new wave style, the band approaches these dark themes with a sense of lightness mimicking the good vibes these heroes have left in our lives.

This single has been a long time in the making with the band originally forming in Los Angeles in 1982. Reformed last year by Morris with a new line-up including Andrey Zakharov (bass guitar) and Christian Palmieri (drums), the band is ready to take you on a sonic journey. This single, also featuring Jason Soudah on keyboards and Jeff Dellisanti on saxophone, will get you hooked to their infectious sound.

‘Daylight Storm’ grabs your attention with this light opening that leads to Morris’ vocals. The melody has this groovy feeling to it that makes you move to the beat. There is also something fun and uplifting about it that is slightly at odds with the dark themes of the single. While the melody is drenched in 80s new wave vibes, there is something modern about it without the nostalgic hit that this style often accompanies. The saxophone solo is wonderful and adds a little something extra to the song that you can’t help but love.

The melody has a number of layers working together but sitting above it is Morris’ vocals. They are smooth and have this upbeat vibe, particularly on the chorus. His performance perfectly highlights the almost poetic lyrics which touch on the sadness of losing personal heroes and the good that they leave you with.

A music video has also been released for this single featuring Morris and his daughters. Shot in black and white, the video has an old movie static covering it. The video captures the passion Morris has for what he is doing which makes you connect even more with the song. The happiness of the video adds to the feel-good vibes you pick up in the single.

The wait for ‘Daylight Storm’ from Café Society has been worthwhile as the multi-layered melody and smooth vocals captivate you from start to finish. While tribute singles of this nature could be quite depressing, the band leaves us with a good vibe that those no longer with us leave imprinted upon our souls.

Find out more about Café Society on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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