Call To The Faithful – Demons (2020)

Hailing from Peterborough, Call to the Faithful is an alternative rock band already establishing themselves as one of Cambridgeshire’s most energetic live acts. The band includes Matt Beard (vocals), Ethan Grice (bass), Will Bowen (drums) and Oscar Smith (guitar). Their first two singles were released in 2019 and are back with their new melodic rock single ‘Demons’.

The track is a hard-hitting look at the daily struggle people with mental illness face. The song looks at how they battle their own mind. The band’s first music video is an amazing visual accompaniment to the lyrics.

‘Demons’ has a sombre melodic opening that hooks you before Beard’s vocals hits. The track has a slow pace before picking up to recreate the tempo of the message in the lyrics. The vocals are emotive with the guitars and drums adding to the struggling vibe of the track.

While the band’s performance is emotional and portrays the struggles of the narrative, the lyrics are just as captivating. They clearly lay out the feelings of those struggling with the demons in their own minds. There is a darkness to this track, but listening closely to the lyrics can provide a sense of hope.

‘Demons’ is an emotional and sombre track from Call to the Faithful detailing the struggle of fighting the demons in your own head. The track blends powerful vocals with intense music and evocative lyrics. This is a song that is worth listening to and all processed are being donated to Papyrus UK to support the fight to prevent youth suicide.

Find out more about Call to the Faithful on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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