Telalit – World On Silent Mode (2020)

Telalit is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, cellist and producer. Her classical musical background and world travels with her cello resulted in a broad collection of influences that are reflected in her current music. Her debut album Random Day was shared exclusively on Bandcamp earlier this year, but the official release date was rescheduled for 4 September due to COVID-19. However, the fourth single ‘Guardian Angel, Anticipation’ will be released on 24 July.

The pandemic also inspired her latest single ‘World On Silent Mode’. The track offers a positive perspective of the situation and celebrates the wonder of the world healing during this time. The song features MNERVA in the rap style verse sections.

‘The World On Silent Mode’ does not waste time with an opening and hits you with Telalit’s dreamy vocals. Her gentle performance leads to MNERVA’s rap verses which fit perfectly between the ethereal chorus. Both performances are smooth and work with the soft melody.

The melody is simple, particularly during the rap verses. There are raindrop notes throughout the song that connects with the lyrics of the track. The lyrics cover everything that has happened in the world since the pandemic hit and really makes you realise that there is more going on than you might imagine.

Telalit offers a gentle but upbeat perspective of the global pandemic in ‘World On Silent Mode’. The track combines ethereal vocals with rap to highlight everything happening in the world and how this can make you feel good. This single is an interesting take on the current global situation and calls on us to take a minute to stop and take in the world on silent mode.

Find out more about Telalit on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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