Callie Carlucci – Beneath the Surface (2021)

With her debut EP Beneath the Surface, Callie Carlucci works through heartbreak, confusion and the happiness she has seen in others but not experienced herself. Through the five tracks, she hopes to connect with listeners and let them know that they are not alone in what they are feeling or not feeling. Tapping into stories that have been years in the making, she offers something relatable while enjoyable through the EP.

While Carlucci has spent years training her voice and writing stories, it was the pandemic that gave her the push she needed to make her musical dreams a reality. Taking songs she has written over the years, she teamed up remotely with a producer to develop and release this EP. Each track brings its own vibrant colours and energy to the EP but they all come together for a journey through life.

The EP opens with ‘Out of the Ocean’ that draws you in with a deep and theatrical beat. There is an expansive feeling to the opening of the melody that dips for glittering light glinting off the water. Carlucci’s vocals are tender in their power as she pulls you into the lyrics. There is a really poignant feeling to this track that reaches into your chest and tugs at your emotions. Through her performance, Carlucci fills you with a yearning tinged with feeling like an outsider. As you listen to the song, you are hit with sadness, frustration and uncertainty which is a powerful mixture.

‘Ready’ has a more grounded feeling to the melody compared to the floating tones of the opening track. Carlucci’s vocals are like a cool breeze ghosting over your skin as she fills you with a light affection for someone who doesn’t quite feel the same. The sadness in this track hits differently than the last as you are filled with a sense of possibilities that are just out of reach. This is woven into an acceptance that she is on a different level to the person she feels affection for. While the melody is more grounded, there is an airy feeling at times that that dips for the vocals to shine with their emotive power.

There is a very different feeling and sound to ‘Gin & Tonic’ as it hit you with a slightly woozy guitar. Through the music, you are dropped into a neon light soundscape that pulses through your senses. You can easily imagine the picture painted by the lyrics while swaying to the beat of the melody. This is a fun and playful track that moves from bright pop to rock pop sensibilities. While playful and upbeat, there is a feeling of superficial emotion to the track that we can all relate to. Through all of this, the track is really addictive and you can’t really get enough of it.

‘Masterpiece’ brings back the expansive theatrical feeling of earlier with a reaching piano line. The clicking and shuffling beats bring texture to the soundscape that dips for the soft vocals. There is a lush and cushioned feeling to Carlucci’s vocal performance that warms something deep in your soul. The harmonising backing vocals add affection and warmth to the track. You can easily see this song being part of a theatrical production. As you listen, a small smile makes its way onto your face while you sink into the easy happiness woven into each word.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Standing Still’ that has a rather dramatic opening. The deep beats vibrate in your chest while the plucked higher notes tap your shoulder to get your attention. The descriptive lyrics twirl through your brain while Carlucci’s vocals swell with emotion. There is a feeling of heartbreak woven into the track that is intense but comes through in an almost detached manner. It is like the world is moving around her and the story playing out without her really connecting with it. This is wonderful as it brings a sense of reflection to the emotions while capturing the pain of the moment. It is a masterful track that is powerful, emotive and so easy to sing along with.

Callie Carlucci fills you with happiness, playfulness, sadness and heartbreak through the captivating tones of her EP Beneath the Surface. Each song has a different feeling while packing a serious emotional punch whether positive or negative. Through all of the emotional hits, she wraps you in lyrics that are relatable and so easy to get lost in.

Find out more about Callie Carlucci on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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