Larabelle – Monster (2020)

Hailing from Donegal, Larabelle is a young, emerging singer-songwriter who has been gigging across the country. While she is planning to pursue her career in music at BIMM, she has released a debut single. ‘Monster’ features Kellie Barr and is a taste of what she has to offer.

The song is written from the perspective of an addict describing the battle they face. There is a deep meaning in the song that contrasts the melody and harmonies. It has a feeling of defeat but also relief.

‘Monster’ has a captivating opening with just an acoustic guitar. This leads to Larabelle’s dulcet tones that perfectly complement the melody. The dreamy melody of the track is a perfect accompaniment to the lyrics and vocal performance.

Larabelle is able to hook you and keep you on the line with her vocal performance. This is enhanced by the artful harmonies throughout the track. While the lyrics have a sense of defeat in them, there is a thread of hope and relief woven into the performance. The first-person perspective of the track makes it more relatable and personable.

Larabelle takes you on a journey of defeat and relief in the narrative of ‘Monster’. The simple melody combined with her wonderful vocal performance makes the track captivating and easy to relate to.

Find out more about Larabelle on her Instagram and Spotify.

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