Campfire Social – Breathe Out Slowly (2018)

If I were listening to this song ten or fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t think much of it.  The lead singer has a calming voice, the melody has a meaning movement with the lyrics, and it’s a soothing indie folk song that I would listen to in passing but wouldn’t have on my Spotify playlist.  Then again, that was ten or fifteen years ago before life hit me like a bulldozer.

We skip ahead a decade and I find myself in love with Campfire Social.  Being more pop-punk, it was unlikely that I would have ever come across this band without a nudge in their direction.  Campfire Social is a five-piece indie band from North Wales who splashed onto the Welsh music scene last year being supported by BBC Radio Wales, BBC Introducing, and even BBC Radio 6.  Considering the music they have prepared for this year, I can only assume they will be moving onto world domination – proof that no-one sings like the Welsh.  But, I’m getting off track here; this is a review of Campfire Social’s latest single ‘Breathe Out Slowly’.

When asked about the meaning behind ‘Breathe Out Slowly’, Campfire Social’s lead vocalist Tom said it was an expression of putting on a brave face in the face of adversity.  A case of ‘sucking it up’ when you know you’re crumbling inside.  How many times have we been told to suck it up and deal with the situation, particularly as an adult?  Having to realise how the responsibilities of life can affect you and how you have to behave.  Well, as it seems – life sucks.

In the song, the band sings about it taking one thousand wrongs to even understand what’s right.  They also sing about how swimming further from the shore makes it harder to see home.  They sing about sharing stories but being scared that the person would leave if they found out.  Now, I’m not saying that this happens to everyone but most young adults experience these emotions when first leaving home.  Could we say that ‘Breathe Out Slowly’ is an anthem to adult-ing?

Potentially the most powerful part of the song, for me, was the line “I can’t tell if you’re waving or drowning”.  It might be because the lyric was presented with a powerful swell in the melody, but then a sudden break to emphasise the drowning element.  Yes, that was probably it; but either way, it was that line that made me want to grab a tub of Nutella and try to put on a brave face with a spoon of chocolate in my mouth.

So, what can I say about ‘Breathe Out Slowly’.  It’s emotional, it’s raw and the way the lyrics match the melody to represent the song’s message makes your senses tingle.  I didn’t know a thing about Campfire Social before this single, but I doubt I’ll be setting them aside anytime soon.

‘Breathe Out Slowly’ can be streamed via Campfire Social’s Soundcloud.
Images courtesy of Campfire Social.

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