Gabriel Munoz – Don’t Want Me (2022)

Gabriel Munoz is bringing fun musical structures to a much heavier tale in his single ‘Don’t Want Me’. Detailing the aftermath of rejection, the single uses a moody club vibe to get you moving while pulsing insecurities and self-doubt into your veins. Woven into the sombre lyrics is a helping hand that encourages us to shed the last few tears we need to in order to move on.

The single came to life off the heels of Munoz being rejected and feeling the rush of emotions he has infused into the track’s moody undertones. Therapeutic and empowering, the single is just what you need to pick yourself up and dust yourself off after being rejected or breaking up with someone. Whether you are dancing to the rhythm or riding the waves of emotion, this single will hook you to its sound.

‘Don’t Want Me’ warbles with a moody vibe from the first synth note. The music has a sombre touch to the opening verse that enhances the vocals. As the melody moves toward the chorus, a dance beat starts to make its way from the low levels. This hit with an infectious vibe on the chorus and you feel the undeniable urge to dance to the music. This dancing energy remains throughout the single adding a lighter touch to the single. The melody is interesting as the moody tones bring the sad emotions while the dance vibes provide empowerment and a lighter feeling.

While the melody has you dancing to the rhythm, the meat of the single really comes through in the vocals. In the opening verse, Munoz’s vocals touch on the initial attraction you feel for someone. This turns into introspection as he considers how he got the signals mixed up and never stood the chance he thought he did. Through his performance, he tugs at your insecurities and lets you connect with the relatable feelings. As the single progresses, he starts to walk the path of healing from the sadness and pain of rejection. The empowerment of his performance is a steady stream that leaves you feeling able to take on the world again. Through all of this, his delivery adds an edge to the dance vibe getting you moving in tandem with the melody.

Set to a moody dance melody, ‘Don’t Want Me’ by Gabriel Munoz has you dancing to the music while feeling the pain of rejection and the following empowerment. The melody has a moody vibe from the start only to gain a dance energy as the chorus hits. The vocal performance taps into the emotion of the single while enhancing the dance feeling.

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