caramel – Dreams of 60’s Counterculture (2021)

Inspired by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Jeff Buckley, it is safe to say caramel’s sound is rather diverse. Not one to be pigeon-holed, the UK-based quartet draws together elements of indie-rock, alt-rock and pop in their music.

Reputed to be an enthusiastic and energetic live band, the group is taking the UK by storm playing sold-out headline shows in their native Brighton. Yet, the lads have far more going for them than impressive performances, there’s the music blasting through your headphones. Gaining coverage from Mickeys Weekly, Less Than 1000 Followers and various playlists, caramel is reaching an international audience. The first of what will be a critically acclaimed discography is their debut single ‘Dreams of 60s Counterculture’.

Using a multidimensional approach to music, caramel encapsulates the sounds of several decades in their sound. Reminiscent of Dodgy with hints of the Beatles, there is a true rock meets pop feeling to ‘Dreams of 60’s Counterculture’. Combining dynamic guitars with pounding guitars in a soothing way, the track has a smooth, flowing and mellow ambience. Listening to ‘Dreams of 60’s Counterculture’ is like being tipped into a swirl of sound while wearing your most comfortable onesie (preferably a pink one). Yet, it is not the mellow melody that captivates me but Jamie Broughton and Olly Parkes’ vocals.

Rich, bold and mildly infectious, the dulcet tones of Broughton and Parkes ensnare your senses while soothing your soul. Touching on the societal structure faced by people in the 21st century, ‘Dreams of 60’s Counterculture’ is a provocative look at existential concepts like gender stereotypes, conventionality and unabated apathy. Broughton explains that “we wanted to write a song that expressed our millennial feelings of despondency and boredom. This song is for anyone that wishes to be in a time that is not their own and celebrates their eccentricities rather than conforming to the social norm”.

Anthemic, provocative and emotive, caramel prove to be a fresh air in a stagnating indie music industry. This foursome is definitely a hidden gem and I foresee great things in their future.

Sidenote: Before releasing ‘Dreams of 60’s Counterculture’ on streaming sites, caramel performed a stripped-back live version. You can see this intimate and entertaining video below:

For more from caramel check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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