Johnny Macc – Margaritas (2021)

If Bruno Mars were to have a lovechild with David Bowie, Johnny Macc would probably be the bouncing boy. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Andrew McMullen, Johnny Macc has a diverse and genre-defying sound. Already a veteran of the Indianapolis indie music scene, McMullen is reputed to have an energetic, enthusiastic and engaging live performance. Unfortunately, I have yet to see him perform but the energy oozing from his releases ensure me McMullen will be a feast for the ears. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Margaritas’.

Following his debut single ‘The Wheel (Would It Be So Wrong)’, ‘Margaritas’ is spirited, upbeat and really one of those songs you want to dance to. Incorporating pounding drumbeats, dynamic guitars and McMullen’s rich vocals, the sophomore single has a buoyant quality about it. Yet, while there is joviality in the execution, its concept is where McMullen shows his eclecticism and innovation.

Using a David Bowie-esque execution, McMullen’s bold vocals enhance the poignancy of the track. Yes, it appears to be quite cheery, however, there is are underlying messages beneath the upbeat sound. Tongue-in-cheek lyricism touches on our current social state of uncertainty and the consequential frustration of living in isolation. Brutally honest in a sentimental and drunken way, vulnerabilities are laid bare without being too sensitive. Truth be told, it’s just a fantastic danceable track that can easily be placed as background noise with some really thought-provoking content. I love it!

In addition to the single, Johnny Macc released an official music video for ‘Margaritas’. Beauty in simplicity, this music video is an amusing visual element showing Macc enjoying a margarita. A visual representation of the languidness of the track, the video calms, amuses and entertains you entirely. Note: there are no flashing images in this video so everyone can enjoy it!

For more from Johnny Macc check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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