Caricature Therapy – BBQ (2021)

If you are in the mood for something a little different to what you usually hear, we have just what you need. Caricature Therapy brings off the wall production to an unusual combination of influences for the experimental tones of ‘BBQ’. Written as an emotional outlet after a severe panic attack, the single tells the story of a man luring others with a BBQ party, only to do things best left unsaid.

This one-man band started out as a side hobby and has its roots in the respected Herman Brood Academie in the Netherlands. Bringing underground post-punk to some demented electronic music, he creates a sound that is truly unique. After the instrumental and orchestral works he created under a different alias, he wanted to make something schizophrenic in nature and he has really achieved that desire.

‘BBQ’ has you bouncing around to the infectious beats that tap up the back of your neck. The guitars come in from the side and have you turning around to the sound. The movement of the melody is a little chaotic, but in a good way. The layers of the instrumentation build up and get your insides shaking, while hooking you to one part, only to toss you into an equally engaging new section. It is a rather short track but there is so much going on in the music that it more than makes up for the length. As you are hit from all sides with the music, you are filled with the sense of the story of the track.

The vocals have an electronic edge that causes them to crackle like static. While they add a human element to the track, they don’t seem to be the main focus of the single. It is really the melody that takes centre stage in the track and propels you. This doesn’t mean the vocals don’t play a role in the journey of the single. They invite you to the party and slowly turn into something darker and unspeakable as the single progresses. Every element of the single combines to pull you into the rabbit hole of sound that leads you into a dark place.

Caricature Therapy is offering a single that is unlike anything else you are listening to with ‘BBQ’ and its blast of tones that shake your core. While the vocals invite you to the party of the single and slowly spiral into darkness, it is the melody that really grabs your attention. The music builds from all sides and shakes your insides.

Find out more about Caricature Therapy on his Instagram and Spotify.

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