Slow Pineapple – Almost Human (2020)

Slow Pineapple are stepping out of the shadows and hitting us with their single ‘Almost Human’. The single is a showcase of their writing abilities and unique vocal stylings. Going against the grain, they are breaking out of any potential boxes with their mixture of rock and rap. Along with ‘Mosh Pit’, this single hits you with a sound you have never heard before.

This unique soundscape has been created by Rob Higgins (bass, vocals, drums, keyboards) and Tyler Beans (guitar, vocals, drums, keyboards). The pair met at a recording session for Higgins’ project Dearly Beloved and the band was formed as a production duo for other artists. After producing over 130 songs for others, they are amazing with their own experimental sound.

‘Almost Human’ draws you in with a sample of sound like people just having fun while goofing around with a guitar. This is transitioned out to a light guitar line that draws you into the more grunge sound of the track. The melody has an interesting mixture of grunge tones melding with prog-rock and psychedelia. The beat has a little flavour of rap to it with the movement of the rhythm. The fusion of different genres is what gives the melody its completely unique sound. You never quite know what to expect, but this does not create a disjointed experience.

Over this experimental melody is the vocals. The rap influence is heard more in the vocal delivery than the melody. The melding of genres and experimentation of the track also comes through in the vocal performance. There are times when the delivery is clear and smooth before it swings to a dark depth that is almost electronic. At these times, it sounds like the vocals are coming from far away or underwater.

Slow Pineapple hit you with an experimental soundscape with their single ‘Almost Human’. Fusing a range of genres, they form a unique soundscape that keeps you on your toes. The melding of sounds comes through in the melody and vocal performance, but form a cohesive whole for an interesting sonic experience.

Find out more about Slow Pineapple on their Instagram and Spotify.

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