Cariss Auburn – Too Tired To Sleep (2020)

Hailing from Wolverhampton, Cariss Auburn is a singer-songwriter and self-taught producer. Taking cues from 80s funk and soul as well as 90s RnB, she creates melodic and soulful tracks. Her latest single is ‘Too Tired To Sleep’ which has already gained radio play.

The song is a personal one as it tracks her struggle with insomnia. Through the soul electronica notes, she tells the tale of losing the motivation to sleep and having a mind that does not shut down. The song works through the frustration felt by being trapped in a loop of insomnia and frustration.

‘Too Tired To Sleep’ sets the tone with light synths. The melody of the track is light and driven by the electronic notes that patter along like raindrops. The relatively minimalist basis of this track actually drives the lyrics of the song through. You have the chance to focus on Auburn’s performance and what she is trying to tell you.

Auburn’s soulful vocal performance starts out slow and picks up during the chorus. This movement captures you and lays out the emotions of the track. Through her performance, you can feel the endless loop of insomnia and all the elements that filter through a too tired mind. The combination of light vocals and tapping synths is easy and fun to listen to.

Cariss Auburn navigates the struggle of insomnia and the frustrating loop this throws you into in ‘Too Tired To Sleep’. Her vocal performance is melodic while emotive and lays out the scene of being too tired to sleep.

Find out more about Cariss Auburn on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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