Brandon Colbein – Mean To Me (2020)

Drawing on his own experience of heartbreak, Brandon Colbein delivers an emotional and vulnerable performance in his single ‘Mean to Me’. Using literal lyricism and simple piano lines, he tugs at your heartstrings just as his were when his ex broke up with him over Facetime. Through the touching melody and honest lyrics, he portrays the moments too much value is placed on a person and what is left when they let go.

Colbein continues his kaleidoscopic portrayal of emotions which started with the playful ‘I.D.C.A.L’ and the self-reflective ‘Mess’. A well-respected songwriter, he will have you quickly looking for the rest of his music after this song.

‘Mean to Me’ sets a sombre tone with a simple piano line. The piano-driven melody has a thread of melancholy gently wrapped around each note. This is completely eclipsed by the pounding synths and beats of the chorus. This contrast between the verses and chorus is a great sonic portrayal of the emotions of the track. The verses are the longing and melancholic emotions while the chorus is the imploring and justification of the value placed on someone who does not deserve it.

Colbein’s vocals perfectly match the movement of the melody. However, it is his performance that drives the emotions of the track home and captivates you. His voice is strong on the chorus as it pulses through you, but there is an intimate honesty for the verses. There is something so open and heartfelt about each word and how he delivers them. Through his performance, you can hear that this is a special moment for him and that there is personal meaning to the song.

Brandon Colbein takes a different approach to toxic relationships with his honest, raw and heartfelt single ‘Mean to Me’. The track is brimming with emotional hits as you swing from the melancholic verses to the powerful chorus. Colbein’s emotive performance drives the vulnerability of the track home.

Find out more about Brandon Colbein on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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