Carl De Villa – Fly (2020)

If you are on the lookout for a haunting yet hopeful single, Carl De Villa has what you need in ‘Fly’. The single is off his album War Cry and is the perfect introduction to his sound. His own take on breakups that stay with you for a long time, he has moulded his powerful vocals into a message that sends you flying.

If you are a fan of The Voice Australia, you might remember De Villa as he was featured on the show. With a stage presence that has been described as mesmerising, he shows that his studio performances as just as good. While you don’t get the visual splendour that Boy George enthused over, there is more than enough vibrancy to hook you to his music.

‘Fly’ opens with a luxurious piano line that has you soaring through the open skies. There is an uplifting feeling to the piano that is enhanced by the deep beats that come in. On the chorus, the piano line drops for a more grounded feeling while those beats get into your brain. There is a wonderful swelling boost to the chorus with some light twinkling tones in the background. The melody does take an earthier tone as the single continues with the flying feeling of the opening lurking in the background just waiting to grab you.

The rather anthemic melody combines with De Villa’s smooth tenor perfectly. As he draws you into the lyrics of the track, his vocals fly with the opening line and wrap you in sunshine on the chorus. You can hear the power of his vocals resting and waiting to burst with the flying vibes of the melody. His performance is also wonderfully controlled to bring the emotions of the single to life. Through his performance, you can hear the pain of a breakup while he calls out with a want to move on.

Carl De Villa haunts you with the memories of a breakup while gaining speed to move on through the sounds of ‘Fly’. There is a luxurious and rich beauty to the melody that combines earthy tones with a feeling of flight. His vocals compliment the melodic movement through a controlled performance that is all power.

Find out more about Carl De Villa on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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